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Head Start creates pathways to successful future for low-income preschoolers

Those with young children know the importance of education and the direct impact it has on their child’s potential to succeed in life. That’s why OLHSA and Head Start are committed to providing the foundational steps for parents to make a solid investment in their children’s future.

Head Start began in 1965 as a federally-funded preschool program and has impacted approximately 30 million low-income and at-risk children in the United States. OLHSA’s Head Start programs serve children...

Students achieve academic success at Pontiac Academy for Excellence

At the dawn of modern charter schools, in 1997 OLHSA received a planning grant of $50,000 from the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan and started a technical trade school, New Directions Institute. The vision for the institute included training high school students in automotive technology and construction to prepare them for work after graduation.

A challenging first year for New Directions Institute ensued. The lofty vision wasn’t being executed as hoped, so the board of...

Children’s Holiday Wish delivers gifts and gratitude

As the holiday season rolls forward, it can be easy to get caught up in the mad rush of shopping, family parties and preparing holiday feasts. Sometimes we forget to not only help ourselves and our family, but to help others who are in-need.

Unfortunately, there are many families in our immediate area that simply do not have the means to provide a traditional holiday celebration for their children. It can be heartbreaking to think that some children may wake up to little or no...

Nonprofit partnership continues to build a better Metro Detroit

“The Word ‘Detroit’ Replaces the Word ‘Awesome’ in English Dictionary”

“Local Cap & Gown Manufacturers Prosper As Graduation Rates Skyrocket”

“No Bad News Left to Report in Greater Detroit”


You may not have seen any of these headlines in your local newspaper yet, but if the United Way for Southeastern Michigan has their way, these fictional headlines will become reality.

The United Way for Southeastern Michigan has made it their goal to make our...

Affordable Assistance lights up homes and hearts this holiday season

OLHSA and Affordable Assistance decorated a house in Royal Oak for the holidays last week, and it turned out beautifully.  Lisa Lagrou, editor of the Oakland County Moms website and blog, approached us to ask if we’d like to participate in a contest she was offering her readers.  The contest winner would receive free holiday decorations.  She knew that Affordable Assistance was recently launched and provides a variety of home improvement services, so she thought we’d be...

Local organization fills pantries and hearts of two single-mother families

Zonta: a Sioux Indian word for honesty and trustworthiness.

These two words are the founding principles behind Zonta International. Established in 1919, Zonta International consists of executives and professionals that join forces to enhance the status of women worldwide through service and advocacy. There are more than 1,200 Zonta Clubs across the globe fulfilling a mission of protecting the rights of women by providing health as well as educational, legal, political and professional...

OLHSA sold Ferndale building, South Oakland services relocate

OLHSA’s Ferndale building has been sold.  After a few years on the market, OLHSA is happy to announce that we now have the opportunity to improve the way we help our clients by moving to various locations around Ferndale.  Ferndale is a walkable community, and now clients have access to OLHSA at more than one location – a fact that we hope will help more people in need reach our doorstep.  As we often do, we are partnering with other local nonprofits to help serve our clients...

Seasonal art collaboration ready for display at fundraiser

When one individual or group creates something, it can garner amazing results on its own. But when others are brought in to contribute to the project, the outcome of this meeting of the minds can become extraordinary and inspiring.

OLHSA’s Head Start preschoolers gathered on Thursday, November 8 for their final session of collaborative creativity with Birmingham-based artist Tim Yanke. Together they crafted their “fall” motif in a series of seasonal-inspired pieces.


Funding: Then and Now

While over the years we have strived towards the same mission, to enable the low-income, elderly, and those living with disabilities to become more self-sufficient, how we provide those services has changed and is continually shifting.

President Lyndon B. Johnson started legislation to fight poverty in 1964 in response to a national poverty rate of nineteen percent. The Economic Opportunity Act, unofficially named The War on Poverty, was passed by Congress , and established the...

Weatherization reduces carbon footprint, financial burden

Our own Ron Borngesser wrote into the Oakland Press with his two cents about Weatherization. You can also view the article on the Oakland Press website by clicking here. Enjoy!


Energy efficiency has taken a spotlight in our society in the last few years. An energy efficient home not...